All here comes from this.

Scientific Insights
into the True Nature of Life and Man
are possible.

Practical wisdom has to do with subtle penetrations
into relations between pure and impure aspects
of teachings, actions and views, in oneself,
and this to the End of their Jungles and Recesses.

Liberations from illusions
by observing them objectively, in oneself,
which is possible by some firm link to something Positive,
beyond all positives and negatives of mind,
are fundamental.

Basic thoughts

  1) Wisdom, in a wish to emphasize Theosophy´s unique values, depends upon the giver´s and receiver´s reciprocal motives and intentions. Without such a consideration that wish will risk to counteract itself.

  2) A timeless sense of an unconditioned spiritual Unity is seen to stimulate for a depth of independence in personal conditions and relations, in both oneself and in others. So it is a primary Centre. There are certain unities in both unselfishness and selfishness. Unity in Theosophy has to do with no destructive separation from anything. Therefor the highest morality, which also means highest integrity. An inner independence of circumstances and relations in time.

  3) To see through illusions is a Negative aspect, but which demands a Balance with a Positive, a Trust in Life, liberating from one´s own but unnecessary limitations, and therefor an Authoritative Information about the NATURE OF LIFE is essential. Ultimately to be beyond opinions, beliefs and doubts, which Theosophical Basic-Source-Material clearly seems to make possible. But the Well-Source for an Individual Path may be wherever there have been some influx somewhere by any, to some extent, Pure Water.

  4) Evolution of Man comes about only from within himself. Firstly and lastly. Therefor good environments of clean rooms by peace and freedom (and humour!) for each one´s penetrating studies and comparisions.

  5) Some persons are more firmly driven towards TRUTH, and therefor more independently of beliefs, teachings, groups and views, so an openness also to them could be crucial.

  6) Different teachings and perspectives have different degrees of qualities in concrete relations between spiritual, emotional, mental, corporal and psychical aspects of the human mind. Credibly, objectively and inwardly. These relations are in their forms (specific teachings, traditions, teachers, ceremonials) endless, but in general more or less personal / impersonal, which is a central Point for Discrimination. But, regardless of such a form´s relation to Truth, it may individually bring about, that an impersonal mind to some degree is being quickened, which then can be even more central.

  7) True Spirituality in Consciousness is the Absence of the separating me.

  8) Truth is Relative. (Absolute Truth is unknown, even to Initiates.) But the more towards it, the more of Unity, Fullness, Dynamism and Freedom.

  9) No Truth without Insights. No Insights without Discriminations. No Discrimination without Acquaintance and Knowledge.

10) Ultimately no knowledge without unconditional Information, regarding Possibilities concerning Minds and Faculties, with their Risks and Dangers — real relations between different aspects of real courses of events. (The Theosophical Movement 1875 - 1950. Gregory Tillett, The Elder Brother. Mary Lutyens, Krishnamurti and Rajagopals, Sylvia Cranston, The Extraordinary Life and Influence of Helena Blavatsky, Founder of the Modern Theosophical Movement.)

11) For a Dynamic Absence of Separations, Everything must ultimately be seen and understood in, by and out of Man himself, also in his Changes, if possible in Unity with the purest and fullest Teachings and their Origins.

12) The fewer blinkers [blinders] for one´s shortcomings and failings, the more of Pure Eyes for Everything Else. (PURITY the very last Keyword.)


In a Certain Wisdom Deep
all points above are in general
immediately and totally rejected
as being ”products of thought”.

In Another Room of Wisdom
nothing of such is rejected
unless judged
in a Vital Relation to Everything given
by Other Serious Ones, who also know.

And in a ’whole’ Knowledge and Wisdom
there will be no such Comparisons.

In Clear Discriminations
between LIFE and it´s FORMS
(’vehicles’ for Consciousness)
and between types of minds or faculties
all ’arts’ of wisdom will be
Aspects of the One Wisdom.

— o O o —

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