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For Truth of Life by Open Minds

       Open Letter to

Conor Cunningham, Father Gregory Tatum, Pietro Corsi, Torry Mortenson,
David Dennett, Francis Collins, Michael Ruse, Susan Blackmore, Simon Conway and Karl Olof Larsson.

Axess TV here in Sweden had 29th of March an interesting programme by BBC in real basics of Life and it´s possible origin.
        Yes, Real Basics, since any leading views in it must relate to and influence like everything else in our relations to ourselves and each other.
(And each and every basic view of existence must necessarily be subjective. — Now, can there possibly be any Subjective but Most Profound Certainty of Anything Beyond All Beliefs and Doubts?)

”Did Darwin kill God?”

Such programmes are too few. But now all presented and participating scientists, in different parts of religion, science and philosophy, remarkably lacked something most valuable and significant in the whole subject.

       Nothing but the Very Nature of Life, Man, Deity and Cosmos. And this due to factual relations between Aspects of what is Objective and Subjective, Seen and Unseen.

       From it´s beginning, about 125 years ago, unique Information in this was of coarse quite controversial. But that is most natural and how on earth could anything be more important for us all, especially in the long run, for now and all coming generations, than most Truthful and Reliable Foundations for existentially leading views and perspectives, when quite significant for really possible genuine and lasting Liberations – even progressively so – from all conflicts and violence?

       This point seems to override everything in the programme. We are governed by utter inertias! In general so strongly attached to ourselves, with our carreers, advancements, views and common thoughts – all conditioned by the past! – that no facts and reasons for any radical change have any say.

       Typically also this programme was full of insights and points of view. But only as fragments in limiting perspectives.

       In the most basic issue, which by mind and ”common sense” determine all human relations, nothing was here even touch upon. It must be said to be The Best Explanations for the Origins of all Forms of Life and Consciousness, essentially and quite reasonably beyond all beliefs and doubts – and which may naturally open for what is most Profound for the Full Significance of Life. 1)

       This when nobody in the programme seemed to know of any difference between Forms of Life, or Consciousness, and Something quite Else, which is Formless, and beyond space and time, but Most Fundamental. 2)

       For example could not only Newton but also Albert Einstein be mentioned as examples of true scientists, most positive to existential principles, in line with Serious Occultism, as given by Helena Blavatsky, thanks to her Teachers, who for several reasons most seriously are regarded as Initiates in Esoteric Science. 3)

       Much more could now be added, such as everything in our lives having been explained most fully by Modern Theosophy. Including all conflicts. And how to become fully free from them. While still alive.

       Including such as everything in parapsychology and mysticism, which exoteric scientists pretend not even to exist, while, as phenomena, having to become insignificant by Genuine Theosophy.

       To solve all difficulties and problems we must learn to see everything as it is and ourselves as we are, as well as possible, by conditions, different from man to man. So at last, for justice to everyone in existential differences, there are Natural Reasons for Initiates in Occultism to be Silent. 4)

       Ljungskile, 31st of March, 2015,

       Gunnar Larson.

       Ex active in the Liberal Catholic Church, Theosophical Society Adyar,
in Sweden United Lodge of Theosophists and now in Krishnamurti Center.

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Blavatsky Trust,

A Review of The Mahatma Letters,

European School of Theosophy,

The Theosophical Society Adyar,

The Theosophical Society Point Loma,

United Lodge of Theosophists in Sweden,

Swedish Krishnamurti Center,



1) Exoteric Scientists do not differ between Life and it´s Forms. An Australian scientist once said on TV, that for Life to come about, 14 different kinds of amino acids must come together, simultanously, and for this to happen by chance is so utterly unlikely, that one must regard the Origin of Life to be by Law in Nature. Quite in line with Esoteric Science! (Previously he excluded every thought of a ”Ghost in the Machine”, since it would only call for new questions. So he closed a Main Gate, only for there being other doors inside! — Compare this with The Awakening of Intelligence by J. Krishnamurti, a man who excluded all limiting relations to authorities, traditions and teachings, but such a scientist as David Bohm was close to him, and to another established one, with Krishnamurti having said, that ”There is a lot one is not allowed to speak about.”)

2) See The Birth of Man — An Occult View on

3) Letters from Them, to an English editor in north India, were published, now kept in British Archives and unexplained physical conditions in them have been discovered. See by Edi Bilimoria on remarkable material facts of these letters in his book THE SNAKE AND THE ROPE — Problems in Western Science resolved by Occult Science.

4) An English editor in India asked Blavatsky´s Teachers for a phenomena which would close the mouths of the Sceptics. A copy of The Times in India when published in London. This was the very reason for denying it. Change of basic views by force, unwillingly, would be worse than open controverses, and this by subconscious reactions.
        Good and Healthy Truth requires Free and Open Minds, without any significant fear.

*   *   *