Presentations and comments regarding P. G. Bowen

From booklets by him, published by Susan Reed, England.

There is now also a selfbiographical article
in The Theosophist, April 2005, on his life in Africa.

P. G. Bowen was born in Ireland but left home at fifteen and later joined the South African mounted rifles. During his time in Africa he was invited to study with an initiate teacher, Mehlo Moya, and was later initiated into his Occult Brotherhood. On returning to England, P.G. Bowen discovered that the principles of Theosophy were identical in essence to all that he had learned in Africa and he devoted the rest of his life to teaching this Ancient Wisdom.

    P.G. Bowen became a close friend and associate of Æ, who entrusted the running of The Dublin Hermetic Society to him, and it was AE who encouraged P.G. Bowen to publish his most valuable work, The Occult Way - seven lessons in practical occultism. This is a unique book which shines as a beacon amongst the mountain of literature currently available.

   For any serious student of Theosophy, the works of P. G. Bowen are essential reading and for this reason we are publishing a small series of booklets consisting of letters to students and articles which have been previously published only in Theosophical journals.

From the cover of The Occult Way:

”Among the strongest influences in the literary life of Ireland in the early decades of this Century was the Hermetic Society founded by ”Æ” for the study of Madame Blavatsky's teachings. It was a meeting place for young writers, poets and intellectuals, and in 1933 there arrived Captain P. G. Bowen, whose father had been among Madame Blavatsky's circle of students in London. Recognizing in Captain Bowen a kindred spirit, ”Æ” put him in charge of the Hermetic Society and urged him to write an account of the path of self?]development taught in the schools of the Mystery tradition. The Occult Way is Bowen's attempt to present this practical aspect of the Hermetic philosophy. Written in the austere spirit of Light on the Path, the seven Lessons seek to teach the aspirant to know himself and to depend on himself alone.

A book for all serious students of practical occultism.”


   Other Works by P. G. Bowen:

The Occult Way *
A course in Practical Occultism set out in seven lessons
as taught in the Ancient Mystery Schools

The Occult Way - Part II * - The Learners Questions

The Sayings of The Ancient One *
This includes three lessons taken from a volume
of ancient Mystic Isinzu writings,
which P. G. Bowen was given permission to translate.

The Way of A Pilgrim - Part I

Selections from letters written to Students plus The Doctrine of Reincarnation.

The Way of A Pilgrim - Part II

Hatha Yoga - The Occult Science of Health.

The True Occult Path
A classical gem of occult literature.

The Groundwork in Practical Occultism

The Significance of Ceremonial

The Ancient Wisdom in Africa

Letter to a Student

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