Teachings of Life may assure of Wisdom-Religion.

Causes for conflicts and sufferings are and live nowhere but in Man,
and can be eliminated only by man himself.

In a formless religious spirit,
Truth for it´s own sake
open human beings for Inner Realities,
beyond time, violence, illusions and conflicts.

See the World, openly and calmly.
Study Theosophy.
Have Presentiments of Inner Sides of Existence,
and an Inner Unity of Life,
to be expressed and confirmed by Brotherhood,
beyond backgrounds, experiences and points of views.

Tremendous Convictions and Conclusions may come
but when they separate from Fellows and their Views,
they close the mind for nearer to Truth.

In rock-fast but quiet openness and freedom,
beyond all separations by the minds,
there is room for an ever expanding wisdom.

o   O   o

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